We have a two years post doctoral position opening. See this page for more details.

This ANR project involves young researchers in mathematics and theoretical physics studying quantum trajectories and related random quantum states.

Quantum trajectories are stochastic processes taking value in Hilbert space projective spaces modeling the repeated or continuous measurement of quantum systems. In this project we focus our attention to three topics:

  • The time asymptotic behavior of these processes,
  • The finer properties of typical quantum trajectories,
  • Development of the theory to infinite dimensional Hilbert spaces.

This website provides news about the project and particularly the latest publications of project members, the opportunities we offer to students and announcements of the events we organize.


  • The ANR 2021 Fall School will take place in October (18th-22nd) in Toulouse. More information on the dedicated website.
  • The first meeting of the project members and close collaborators took place in June 2021. More information here.