List of the publications wrote by the members during the project.

  1. T. Benoist, L. Hänggli and C. Rouzé, Deviation bounds and concentration inequalities for quantum noises, arXiv preprint arXiv:2109.13152 (preprint)
  2. T. Benoist, C. Bernardin, R. Chétrite, R. Chhaibi, J. Najnudel and C. Pellegrini, Emergence of jumps in quantum trajectories via homogeneization preprint (2021) arXiv:2103.01916 (preprint)
  3. T. Benoist, N. Cuneo, V. Jakšić and C.-A. Pillet, On entropy production of repeated quantum measurements II. Examples, J. Stat. Phys. 182 (2021) 44 (link, preprint)