First meeting

The first meeting of the project members and collaborators will take place in Toulouse and online from the 23rd to the 25th of June.

Location: Toulouse Mathematics Institute, mornings in Katherine Johnson room building 1R3, afternoons in room 106 building 1R1.
Meeting dinner (Thursday): Le Genty Magre (3 rue Genty-Magre)

List of participants:


Wednesday 23/06:
9h30-10h15: Tristan Benoist – Introduction to the project
10h30-12h: Noé Cuneo
13h30-15h: Clément Pellegrini
15h15-16h45: Cécilia Lancien – Typical spectral gap of random quantum channels
17h-18h30: Martin Fraas – Discussion of two open problems in the theory of quantum trajectories: Perturbation theory and purification in infinite dimensional Hilbert spaces (online)

Thursday 24/06:
9h-10h30: Lisa Hanggli – Statistical interpretation of the quantum Dirichlet form
10h30-12h: Aldéric Joulin – Curvature and ergodicity for Markov processes
14h-15h: Seminar Cambyse Rouzé – Quantum modified logarithmic Sobolev inequalities
15h30-17h: Cambyse Rouzé
19h30-…: Meeting dinner (Le Genty Magre)

Friday 25/06:
9h30-11h: Reda Chhaibi (online)
11h-12h30: Cédric Bernardin and Dimitri Faure (online)